Mud Water's rare success story began on Kickstarter and quickly took the press by storm. The result: three sold-out performances at Dance Brigade's Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco that received standing ovations. The project has been featured on NPR, PBSKQED, and the EAST BAY EXPRESS.



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"mud water ii"


blends contemporary ballet and Turfing. While exploring the trajectory and different mutations of anti-black racism in the United States in search of its root causes, the project seeks to give the Turfing community opportunities to share its stories, art, and truths in a concert-style setting and to audiences often outside of its reach.

Using dance, projections of motion graphics, text, and soundscaping, "Mud Water II" peels away at the many layers of civilization, so that we may find ourselves staring into what it means to be human - to have come from the mud and water of this earth.


The project began in early spring of 2015. It's mission is: (1) to rejuvenate the dance and theatre arts community by pushing the envelope with respect to diversity and in creating sophisticated, cutting-edge work; (2) to celebrate, promote visibility, and support viability of the undervalued street performance art in the San Francisco and East Bay areas; and (3) to traverse the barriers of understanding embedded in class/cultural differences, by facilitating honest dialogue through thought-provoking artistic expression and storytelling.

IT IS ABOUT A VIVACITY AND grace THAT TRANSCEND TIME, RACE, culture, CLASS - THAT EMERGE IN THE MOST UNPLEASANT AND HARSHEST OF CONDITIONS. though the original intent was to present a JUXTAPOSITION OF BALLET AND TURFING, what took over was a powerful mergence of the two.